Kalamaki (Greek Καλαμάκι (n. Sg.)) Is a coastal town in the south of the Greek island of Crete, four kilometers north

of the better-known tourist resort of Matala. It is as part of the village of Kamilari to the municipality 

in the town of Tymbaki Festos. In recent decades, the place has grown into a small tourist center and is considered

a quiet alternative to Matala. [2]

One kilometer east of Kalamaki on the road to Kamilari is in Palea Ekklisia (Παλαιά Εκκλησία, Old Church '),

the Chapel of the Evangelistria (Ευαγγελίστρια, missionary' epithet of Mary) was built on the foundations of

a temple of Artemis. Findings indicate that in Greco-Roman times there was a settlement here. [3]

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